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  World Wide Orphan Foundation  
  It started with a visit to the infamous orphanage of Siret in North East Romania in late 1997. Dr. Jane Aronson arrived late one night only to find herself immediately covered in children. Siret was home to hundreds of children because their parents could no longer care for them.  
  Jane and her colleagues had a mission. They had come to examine the children hoping to find some who could with help regain their health and become candidates for adoption, candidates for a new life.  
  Many of the children were serverly malnourished and chronically ill but thankfully 69 of these children were eventually able to be adopted. Sixteen of them were adopted by American families.  
  Jane has traveled to Viet Nam, Ethiopia, China, Russia, Romania, Guatemala, Bulgaria and El Salvadore visiting orphanages. Moved to help the orphans, she started The World Wide Orphan Foundation and The Orphan Rangers where health care professionals and graduate students volunteer their time traveling to orphanages around the world working to improve conditions and making a difference in children's lives.  
  For more information about the World Wide Orphan Foundation please go to:  
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