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Spread the Bread

  Out of a tragedy arose something beautiful, the thought and care for others and their well being. And also in this thought was the recognition that teaching this care to our children was going to provide the way to change things for the better. Planting a seed in their hearts that teaches them to make generosity a way of life and in that way raising and cultivating life long givers- people who care.  
  Formed shortly after the September 11 attacks Spread the Bread became a way for the community to come together and respond to the difficulty of that day in a respectful and peaceful way. Spread the Bread is a community based bread giving campaign that helps kids get in the spirit of giving and spreading goodwill to those in need. Kids, families, friends and neighbors bake bread and then decorate each loaf with art, poems and uplifting messages and then they deliver their bread to the needy. Spread the Bread is simple and something everyone can do and because of this to date over 6,000 loaves of bread have been lovingly baked, decorated and delivered to those in need.  
  Spread the Bread would like to:  
  • Increase the number of children who bake bread  
  • Increase the number of groups that organize children to bake bread  
  • Increase the number of bread recipients  
  • Increase the general public’s awareness of the project.  
  • Teach children that they can make a difference regardless of their age.  
  For more information about Spread the Bread please go to:  
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