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  Just Love Clothing  
  Each day simple acts of love are happening all over the world. Each of these acts, in their own way are making our world a better place.  
  Just Love is clothing with a mission to celebrate, promote and support the many acts of kindness, love and generosity that are taking place each day. This helps to bring our attention to the every day gestures of love happening in our communities,our countries and our world.  
  Just Love offers tee shirts, clothing, mugs and bumper stickers with the inspiring words of Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Dr. Martin Luther King and other wise voices, as a way to support and bring awareness to the people and organizations behind giving and charitable efforts.  
  Through Just Love, we hope to provide you with a closer look at some of the wonderful things happening in the world. We would like to introduce you to the incredible people behind these efforts and show you how you can help or donate time, money or resources if you would like. For some, we will just provide you with the knowledge that everyday, through the efforts of love, our world really does become a better place.  
  Just Love clothing is a wonderful way to support the causes you believe in.  
  10% of all Just Love proceeds goes directly to support charitable efforts.
For more information about some of the individuals and organizations we support and encourage you to support, please see our Just Love profile page.
Just Love- Remembering to love
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