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  Cheerful Givers  
  "Our mission is to brighten and celebrate the lives of those in need. We do that by providing birthday gift bags to children who are homeless or living in poverty."  
  Their story:
  Robin Maynard and her husband Kevin believed in helping others. Longtime supporters of various charities they had lived their lives like many of us, not realizing the impact that they could have in their community. The world's problems at times seemed too big for the hands of too few. Robin was touring a food shelter when she noticed the barren birthday cake shelf and the thought of a child's birthday passing without recognition lit a fire in her heart and stirred her to action.  
  It started with 12 birthday bags created with love by a couple who wanted to make a difference. Then 12 birthday bags dropped off at the Trinity Mission on a Sunday night These 12 birthday bags would ignite a spark that would eventually provide warmth for thousands.  
  The story of the 12 birthday bags:  
  A woman had come to the food shelf looking for a boxed cake to celebrate the birthday of one of her children. Her anticipation turned to anguish when she was told that there were no birthday cakes available. But her despair turned to joy when she was presented with a birthday bag that she could give to her child. Overwhelmed with joy the woman exclaimed, "The whole way over on the bus I prayed and prayed that there would be something here for me to give my child, but I never dreamed that there would be something so beautiful!" Within hours, all the bags were gone. Robin and Kevin had found a place to meet the needs of the world. So it began with this simple gesture and it continues to grow today.  
  "We all want to know that we are special and that our life matters to someone". Cheerful Givers provides more than birthday bags, it celebrates those lives that matter. The lives of the parents who give the gifts. The lives of the volunteers who create the gifts. And the lives of the children who receive the gifts.  
  The birthday bags are a symbol of the unconditional love that we have for our neighbors in need and their children. The birthday bag warms the heart of the volunteer who made it. And when this gift is met with a parent's tears of joy, we know that this one little birthday bag is going to warm the world in the hands of a child.  
  Their Mission
To brighten and celebrate the lives of those in need. Many thanks to those who are helping to achieve this goal through their support.
  Founded by Robin and Kevin Maynard, Cheerful Givers a non profit organization has been making birthday gift bags for needy children for over ten years and has distributed over 100,000 bags to children in need.  
  For more information about Cheerful Givers go to:  
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